At least seven people were killed in the accident and 144 were injured. First responders are still on the scene trying to find others that might be trapped in the wreckage. Many of the passengers who were injured took themselves to nearby Philadelphia hospitals. It is reported that 25 of the 54 who were admitted are still currently being treated.

The Mayor of Philadelphia said it would take some time to get a full account of everyone who was on the train at the time of the accident.

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First responders did recover the train’s black box that keeps track of data such as speed and also a forward facing video camera. It has been reported that the train was going more than 100 mph as it approached the sharp curve where it derailed. According to the Federal Railroad Administration, the speed limit in that part of the track reduces to 50 mph.

Witnesses said the horrific crash threw passengers through the air when the train was derailed from the tracks. All seven of the cars that make up the train were thrown from the rails and the engine was entirely separated from the train in the crash.

Investigators are still examining the crash site in hopes of determining what exactly went wrong.

In the meantime, services between New York and Philadelphia have been suspended. The suspension will affect millions of commuters.

Police have asked that no one go near the scene of the accident so first responders can continue their investigation and search for victims.


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