It could happen, two hackers say. The pair hacked into a Jeep Cherokee SUV and controlled the vehicle’s speed, brakes, transmission and more from the internet. The claims published in Wired magazine prompted Fiat Chrysler to recall about 1.4 million vehicles that apparently contain the same vulnerability the hackers exploited.

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The incident raises the real possibility that other automakers have also neglected to make their vehicles’ computer systems safe. Hackers could seize control of vehicles, do internal damage to vehicles that is undetectable to laypeople, or the vehicles could be affected by computer viruses.

All the possibilities could result in damage to things much more valuable than cars, SUVs and trucks: human beings.

The Jeep hackers got into the vehicle’s computer system by way of an electronic opening in the radio, the Boston Globe reported. The carmaker said it sealed a loophole in its internal cellphone network to prevent more hacks.

For those injured in defective automobiles, the road to recovery can be long and filled with surgeries, long sessions of physical therapy and extended periods away from work. The pain of the injuries, coupled with loss of income and astronomical medical expenses can be devastating.

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