The tractor struggled to get traction on the wet grass and mud and ended up jack-knifing. Of the roughly 20 people who were thrown to the ground, eight were taken to the hospital; one was reported to have suffered a moderately serious injury.

There were three other people who were injured in the accident who received treatment at the scene. However, they chose not to go to the hospital to further treat their injuries.

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There are several issues that could arise from this hayride accident taking place. The accident took place on a private farm; it isn’t clear what role the property owners had in putting on the ride or overseeing it. According to reports, the accident may have been triggered by poor conditions at the site.

What also was not made immediately clear was the identity of the driver of the tractor. Did he or she have experience pulling that many people? And had the driver been behind the wheel in adverse conditions before?

Whatever the accident’s cause, the people who were hurt might wish to contact a personal injury attorney regarding their situation. It seems that at least one person suffered an injury that could require significant time — and money — to heal.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Eight injured in Findlay hayride accident,” Deborah M. Todd, June 29, 2013

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