Brain Injury

Pennsylvania Closed Head Injury Lawyers

Many serious injuries are more difficult to identify immediately after an accident. In the event of traumatic brain injuries, the victim will usually suffer a loss of consciousness at the scene of the accident. Many victims will never completely recover from a traumatic brain injury and will suffer from impaired judgment, cognitive deficits, abrupt changes in moods, and memory loss. At Berger and Green, our attorneys are experienced in assisting victims of brain injuries seek necessary medical care and recover the compensation they deserve after suffering from an injury.

Our attorneys are sympathetic to your loss and feeling that your loved one "just isn't the same."

Many families experience outbursts of anger, spontaneous crying, memory loss, and mood swings of the victim. We will help you identify these changes and recover compensation for the damage. Usually the injuries can be identified at the hospital, but the full extent of the damage is not known until much later. We are experienced in assisting family members of victims identify the injuries and take the proper steps to ensure compensation for those permanent injuries. To speak with our brain injury lawyers, please contact Berger and Green.

Our closed head and brain injury attorneys are experienced with all of the following injuries and related matters:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) resulting in impaired judgment, abrupt changes in moods, memory loss,
  • Concussion/closed head injury
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • External head injuries

Often, the progress of a victim's recovery is indeterminable or unknown. Our attorneys will assist you in obtaining the cognitive, neuropsychological testing, and medication that you or your loved one needs. Your medical care and records will serve as evidence to document the extent of your injuries. We will assist in the collection of this evidence and will thoroughly prepare a presentation of that evidence to an insurance carrier or in court.

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