Industrial Accident Injuries

Pennsylvania is a great place to live, but can be a dangerous place to work. Pennsylvania has a rich history in many industries that have been critical to the growth of the United States. Pennsylvania workers are proud of their dedication and hard work. Many of the jobs that lead the Pennsylvania economy come with risks. Industrial accidents happen too often in Pennsylvania. Industrial accidents often result in serious injuries or death. These accidents can cause permanent injuries that prevent a person from returning to work.

Industrial accidents include: gas explosions, chemical fires, coal mine collapses, falls, vehicle accidents, and any catastrophe that leads to workers being injured. If you or a loved one has been injured in an industrial accident, call the Personal Injury Lawyers at Berger and Green for an evaluation of your case. The lawyers at Berger and Green can answer your questions regarding Worker's Compensation. Injured workers in industrial accidents may also be entitled to seek money damages for injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering from other sources in addition to their employers.

The lawyers at Berger and Green can explain your rights. Call Berger and Green if you have suffered a serious injury including: broken bones, burns, paralysis, head injury, impaired vision, exposure to harmful chemicals, neck injury, loss of limb, and back injury. Berger and Green handle all types of Industrial Accidents including:

Industrial accidents are serious and require attorneys with experience. The lawyers at Berger and Green have over 40 years of experience. Berger and Green want to help victims of industrial accidents and their families. Berger and Green have represented families who have lost loved ones due to industrial accidents. We understand the extreme difficulties our clients are facing.

The Industrial Accident Lawyers at Berger and Green will discuss your claim at no cost or obligation to you. Berger and Green only get paid if you win a settlement in your case.