Lost wage benefits are one of the most essential components of workers’ compensation coverage for most people who suffer on-the-job injuries or illnesses in Pennsylvania. This type of benefit helps families make ends meet while the worker is away from work or not able to earn their full pay.

Lost wage benefits provide a portion of their lost wages until they reach the maximum payout, they reach a settlement agreement with the insurer, or they can return to their job.

Types of Lost Wage Benefits from PA Workers’ Compensation

In general, there are two types of lost wage benefits you may draw following a work-related injury or illness:

Temporary Total Disability (TTD)

If your workplace injury or illness is bad enough to prevent you from working, you should qualify for temporary total disability benefits. After a short waiting period, you will begin drawing these benefits that cover a portion of your usual wages while you are temporarily unable to perform your job.

Temporary Partial Disability (TPD)

In some cases, workers get hurt and cannot perform all of their job duties but are still able to work in some capacity. If this happens to you, your employer may offer “light duty” work. If this light duty position pays less than your normal job, you can qualify for temporary partial disability benefits.

For example, imagine you injured your ankle at work and cannot stand during the day. Your employer offers you a temporary desk job until your doctor approves you to return to your usual position. However, the desk job pays only $500 a week when your usual position pays $750. TPD will pay a portion of the difference between these two pay rates.

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When You Can Draw Lost Wage Benefits

Your workers’ compensation lost wage benefits should kick in if you miss more than seven days at work. Your benefits would begin on the eighth day you miss work. If you miss more than two weeks at work, you will receive a payment that covers the first seven days away from work as well.

There are limits on how long you can draw wage loss benefits based on TTD or TPD. You may be able to qualify for other benefits or even Social Security Disability if your impairment is permanent or long-term and you cannot return to work before benefits run out.

You Should Receive a Portion of Your Normal Wages

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act grants injured employees lost wage benefits that equal about two-thirds of their usual pay in most cases. The amount you receive may differ for you because there are minimum payouts and maximum payouts included in the law. The calculation used to determine how much you will receive is complex. We can help you understand exactly how much you deserve, but in general:

  • You should receive at least two-thirds of your usual pay; unless
  • You reach the maximum payout amount current at the time your injuries occurred.

If your injury or illness occurred on or after January 1, 2019, the lost wage benefits are up to  $1,049.00, according to the PA Department of Labor & Industry.

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Getting Help Fighting for the Lost Wage Benefits You Deserve After a Pennsylvania Work Injury

Almost all workers are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits after a workplace injury or illness. Your employer must provide this type of coverage for every employee from the first time they clock into work. If they refuse to admit your injuries occurred because of a workplace accident, or if the insurance denies your claim for another reason, you may want help from a Pittsburgh workers’ compensation attorney.

At Berger and Green, our workers’ compensation lawyers can help you understand your rights and the coverage available to you through workers’ compensation. We will handle your appeal of the denial, help you fight for a fair settlement agreement, and even file for Social Security Disability benefits on your behalf if you qualify.

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Talk to a Pittsburgh Workers’ Compensation Attorney About Your Lost Wage Benefits

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