There are multiple situations in which a TBI might be suffered. While falls are attributed as being the leading cause of the injuries, they may also be the result of a car accident. In fact, when it comes to deaths related to TBI, traffic accidents account for 31 percent.

The issues someone must deal with following a TBI vary. In some situations the symptoms suffered are emotional in nature such as anxiety, depression, impulse control and even changes in personality. Other times they affect a person’s motor function leading to issues with, among other things, balance and coordination. Sensations such as vision, hearing and touch may be impacted as well as cognitive function such as memory and attention.

It is easy to see how living with any of these issues could make life difficult. In some situations ongoing medical care could be necessary. If the person suffering from the TBI is not able to work, it may be unclear how the bills for that treatment, along with related expenses, will be paid for.

When negligence on the part of another person or entity is to blame for the TBI a personal injury lawsuit may be viable. To learn more about these types of cases a personal injury lawyer can be of assistance.

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