Six children and one adult were injured after they were thrown from a “spooked” camel at the Shrine Circus in Pittsburgh.

The accident occurred during intermission when children can ride the camels and ponies.

It is not certain as to what scared the camel and made him buck and throw the individuals off. 

Five children were transported to Children’s Hospital with minor injuries.  One child was taken to UPMC Mercy with a fractured arm. One adult was also transported to a local hospital for medical treatment.

Animal handlers had the animal under control within 11 seconds.  EMS was there to treat the injured right away.

No animals were harmed in the incident.

Pittsburgh Police and the Shrine Circus are investigating the incident.

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto signed legislation back in December of 2017 that bans the use of using weapons to threaten wild or exotic animals.  Shrine Circus protested the law and took it to court.

PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) believes that if the Shrine Circus would have followed legislation, the children would not be in this situation. PETA believes no animals should be part of the live circus show.

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Source: Trib Live, “6 children, 1 adult injured when camel throws them at Shrine Circus in Pittsburgh”

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