To try to reduce the number of serious ATV accidents that occur, it is important to ride as safely as possible. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission provides a list of things that riders can do to promote ATV safety.

The first thing is one that is heard a lot in conjunction with all motor vehicles–no one should drive an ATV after consuming drugs or alcohol. In addition, drivers should undergo training that demonstrates how to handle the vehicles in a variety of common scenarios.

Where the ATV is utilized is important as well. In most cases the vehicle should not be taken on roads that are paved. Instead, drivers should stick to dirt roads which they are designed for and do not have cars traveling upon them.

Next, riders should only ride ATVs that are designed for their size. This means children should not be operating adult ATVs. Similarly, if an ATV is designed for only one rider, no passengers should be allowed to ride. Doing so could throw off the balance of the vehicle making it easier for it to tip.

Last, dressing appropriately is a good idea. Donning protective gear such as a helmet, pants and long-sleeved shirts, gloves, goggles and boots that go over the ankle, can prevent a variety of injuries from head injuries to abrasions.

Even when following these guidelines it is possible that ATV accidents could occur. When they are the result of the negligence of another person a personal injury lawsuit could be filed. The first step to determine whether that is a good idea is to consult with a lawyer.

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