The federal government is interested in doing something to improve safety for individuals who bike and walk throughout the nation either for recreation or as a mode of transportation. At a recent pro walk and bike conference held in Pittsburgh, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation discussed his goals. He said that he and the president have created a transportation bill that includes both pedestrian bike initiatives.

The four-year, $302 billion bill would focus on closing gaps in biking and pedestrian networks. Pittsburgh’s mayor believes there are areas of the city that could benefit from the creation of transportation networks. Specifically, he mentioned the Hill District. Thus far it has not gone anywhere. The Secretary of Transportation indicated that congress has failed to take action on the bill.

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When a motor vehicle accident involving a bicyclist or pedestrian occurs, the resulting injuries can be serious. In addition, the resulting medical bills and accompanying costs can be expensive. Anything recovered in a successful personal injury lawsuit could be extremely helpful in addressing those costs.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “U.S. transportation secretary says he is pushing for bike, pedestrian networks” By Andrew Goldstein, Sept. 10, 2014

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