If you have been injured at the fitness center, you may be able to file a premise liability or personal injury claim. Fitness centers may be liable for your injuries if it is found that they were negligent.

It is a fitness center’s duty to provide a safe environment for its members. Typically, the most common claim filed against them is a slip and fall claim. Falls happen due to wet or dangerous surfaces at fitness centers. A fitness center can be held responsible only if they neglected to address or fix the unsafe condition.

For example; someone spills water on the floor and notifies the center. The center fails to clean up the floor and a member slips and gets injured. This could entitle the member to file a claim against them.

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Injuries at fitness centers are more common than you may think. Members push themselves too much and also misuse weight equipment, ultimately injuring themselves. Try not to push yourself too much too soon and ask for a demonstration from staff if you are unsure how to use certain equipment. It is better to start out slow and safe to ensure your good health for the year to come.


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