Most of the victims are younger than 9 years old, and may pull the furniture over on themselves as they try to reach or climb. Items hidden behind unstable furniture or out of reach of the child near an item that may be climbed may prompt the child to try to reach or climb in an unsafe situation. Children are no match for the weight of a falling TV or other furniture item, and sadly many children sustain a head injury in these cases.

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More than 43,000 people are injured each year by falling furniture and appliances, with just over half of the injury victims being children under 18. Children may bump over unsecured appliances, or attempt to climb on a dresser or other furniture that simply cannot support their weight, leading to serious injury and tragic consequences.

With bedrooms topping the list as the most common area for these accidents, it is thought that as new televisions are purchased, older, heavier TVs are moved to the bedroom, but without the proper devices to secure it. The Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman urges parents to properly secure their furniture and appliances, as even low-cost anchoring devices are known to be effective in preventing tip-over accidents.


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