A Pennsylvania mother was recently awarded a multi-million dollar settlement related to the death of her infant child. According to court records, the mother used an infant sling to carry her newborn twins while running errands. In recent years, these types of slings have grown in popularity with many parents opting to use body-hugging slings over strollers and other types of baby carriers.

While the infant child was positioned in the sling, the mother noticed that drops of blood were present on the baby’s bid. Upon checking the child, he appeared unresponsive and was not breathing. The baby was transported to a hospital, but doctors were unable to resucitate him. He was pronounced dead with suffocation being cited as the official cause of death.

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Approximately one year after the baby’s tragic death, Infantino, the company that made the defective baby sling, issued a voluntary recall of the sling. Infantino made the decision to recall the dangerous and defective product after several consumer complaints of potential dangers which included possible suffocation.

The mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Infantino in which she argued the company was negligent in causing her infant’s suffocation death. Infantino recently agreed to settle the case for $8 million dollars. The company, however, continues to deny any liability in the infant’s death citing they chose to settle the legal matter for other reasons.

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Source: The Pennsylvnia Record, “Phila. baby sling death case reportedly settles for $8 million,” Jon Campisi, Sep. 9, 2013

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