A man from Armstrong County has initiated a premises liability lawsuit against an apartment building and the housing authority that manages the building as a result of his father’s death this past winter. The 93-year-old man was cleaning snow off his car after a snowstorm in late December. The car was in the parking lot of his apartment building, which is operated by the Westmoreland County Housing Authority.

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During the course of brushing off the snow, the elderly man slipped on a patch of ice in the parking lot and fell to the ground, hitting his head in the process. The man fractured his skull and died later day. As a result, the man’s son — who is one of the executors of his estate — has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

It can be difficult to keep up with clearing snow and ice in the wintertime, particularly around holidays when companies may be short-staffed. However, that does not excuse them from doing so. It remains to be seen how this case will play out; the son is suing for more than $30,000 in damages over his father’s death.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “Westmoreland housing authority sued over fatal fall,” Aug. 8, 2013

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