One 95-year-old man, whose eyesight is not good due to macular degeneration, believes that practicing falling in a safe way is a good idea for older people. Accordingly, he practices falling multiple times each day.

The man says he has fallen seven times in the past 10 years but has not been seriously hurt.

To try to help others in the same situation the man works to educate others in the techniques he uses. He meets with them at community centers, senior centers and assisted living centers. He teaches those in attendance that there are three things they need to remember to do:

  • Bend
  • Twist
  • Roll

Bend refers to bending one’s knees in the direction of the fall. At the same time, the person should twist at the waist with the shoulders turned away from the direction in which the person is falling. Upon landing on the ground, the person should roll to help with the force of the impact.

Sometimes these falls are the result of poor balance. Other times however negligent conditions play a role. In those situations an elderly person who falls may want to explore his or her legal options.

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