Though it may seem tedious, taking time to do this is important. In addition to making it possible to see while driving, it is possible that it could prevent chunks of ice or snow from falling off, striking another vehicle and causing a crash.

Currently, laws exist in the state of Pennsylvania that result in fines to drivers of vehicles that snow or ice falls from, only when it results in either serious bodily injury or death. In these situations a driver could face a fine of $1,000. If lawmakers in the state get their way however, that amount will become $1,500. In addition, under the proposed law it would not be necessary for snow or ice to injure another person before a fine could be assessed. Instead, drivers who did not clear snow off their trunk, hood or roof could be fined between $25 and $75. A similar law was introduced regarding big rigs.

This is not the first time that the lawmaker who sponsored the bill has attempted to get this law passed. She previously introduced similar bills which both died in the Pennsylvania Senate Transportation Committee. That is where the newest bills are now.

What will happen with these bills remains to be seen. In the meantime, drivers in Pennsylvania should take the steps necessary to stay safe on the roads.

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