If you are not familiar with the hoverboards, they are essentially motorized self-balancing scooters. They retail for approximately $500.00.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that there were 29 emergency room visits due to hoverboard injuries from August to mid-December. Three days after Christmas, there were 70 emergency room visits that day due to hoverboard injuries. The injuries included broken bones and concussions.

The government is currently investigating 22 reports of hoverboards randomly catching on fire as well. This is apparently due to faulty lithium batteries. The new reports have prompted Amazon to stop selling most of those models and airlines have banned them as well.

There are already two known lawsuits regarding the dangerous hoverboards. One against a retailer and one against a retailer and the manufacturer. Both suits are being filed because the hoverboard caught on fire.

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If you have been injured due to a defective hoverboard, you may have a product liability claim. When someone is injured while using a product the way that it was intended, the manufacturer of the product as well as the store that sold it can be held liable for injuries. Manufacturers are responsible for making safe products for consumers. If it is found that the product indeed caused an injury to the consumer, they and any stores that carry the products, must warn the consumers of all risks that can occur from using the product.

If you were injured by a defective product, call the personal injury and product liability attorneys at Berger and Green. Our attorneys will investigate the product on your behalf, to determine if you and your family can recover damages sustained from this unfortunate event.


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