Parking Lot and Parking Garage Accidents.

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People often brush off accidents that occur in parking lots and parking garages. However, these types of accidents can result in thousands of dollars in car repairs and medical bills. See how you should really handle these types of accidents.

Visitors driving or walking in parking lots are at a high risk of being involved in an accident due to the high number of cars and low visibility.

Although most parking lot accidents happen at low speeds, injuries can still be very serious. Parking lot accident victims can sustain anything from minor bumps and bruises to broken bones, head trauma, or even death.

Below is a list of the most common types of accidents that can occur in parking lots or garages.

  • Car Collisions: Collisions between two cars in parking lots and garages are quite common. It can be difficult to determine who is at fault. Consulting a personal injury attorney can help your claim.
  • Pedestrian Accident: The most dangerous type of parking lot or parking garage accident. Collisions between cars and pedestrians most commonly occur when drivers fail to check behind their vehicle before backing out of a spot or when they are driving distracted in an area where pedestrians are crossing a street or lane in a parking lot.
  • Slip and Falls: Slip and falls are also common in parking lots. If you can prove there was a hazard in the parking lot, that went neglected, you may be eligible to recover compensation.

Who pays for my parking lot injuries?

  • If your injuries are the result of the actions of another visitor to the parking lot, you may be able to recover compensation through his or her insurance company.
  • If the owner of the parking lot did not place signs, such as stop signs, yield signs, or arrows, he or she may be liable for an accident.
  • In some cases, such as when another driver hits your parked car while you are shopping but leaves without telling you (hit and run), your insurance company may be the only party available to cover your damages.

The personal injury claims process is complicated.  Let the experienced personal injury attorneys at Berger and Green handle your case.

Recovering compensation after an accident.

If you or a loved one were injured in an accident, do not assume the accident was your fault.  You may have the right to recover money for medical bills, wage loss, and pain and suffering. 

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