As such, it is clear that hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities need to do more to protect their employees from slip and fall accidents and injuries. Those accidents may seem unavoidable in medical settings, in which doctors, nurses and technicians commonly rush to handle emergency situations on uncarpeted floors. However, there are simple steps that facility executives and managers can take to protect employees from avoidable slip and fall injuries.

First, managers should talk to their staff. Those are the people who are on the floor every day and, as such, are aware of all of the potential and actual issues that could (or already have) caused harm to employees.

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Second, managers should walk through the facility, either alone or with an insurance assessor or other third party, to identify any possible hazards that may exist. Common dangers include liquids that accumulate near sinks, electrical cords that cross employees’ paths, unmarked steps and uneven floors.

Third, managers should address those identified hazards. Fix leaky sinks and have cleanup materials handy, remove or tape cords down, mark uneven floors and paint steps. Any action managers can take to notify employees of potential dangers will go far in preventing unnecessary slip and fall accidents and the injuries that so commonly result.

Source: American Medical News, “How to save medical office from slips, trips and falls,” Victoria Stagg Elliott, Dec. 17, 2012

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