A few days ago, three vehicles collided there and flames erupted, leaving four people injured. An emergency services spokesperson said the accident began when an SUV and pick-up truck crashed in the intersection of 119 and Kingview Road.

A photograph of the scene looked like something from war zone, as dark smoke poured from charred, crumpled vehicles and flames consumed the last of a tire.

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A third vehicle — a Jeep — was also in the crash, though the newspaper report said details of its involvement were sketchy. Drivers of the SUV and pick-up were both hospitalized, as were an adult and a child who had been in the Jeep.

Onlookers said they remembered a long-ago accident on the same spot in which a bride and her mother were killed in a car crash on the day before the wedding. The vehicle, jammed with a bridal gown, tuxedoes and decorations was in a crash with a tour bus.

One woman suggested that PennDOT should consider enhancing safety features at the intersection to slow drivers down.

“How many people have to get hurt or killed there?” she asked.

It’s an excellent question that no one can likely answer.

For those who have been injured in a Pittsburgh area car accident, questions of all kinds will come up: Who will treat my injuries? Who will pay for those treatments? How long will I be out of work? And so on.

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