The reason for the recall is the possibility that an explosion could occur while using the gas fireplaces. The recall is not just a precaution. The explosions that have occurred, nine so far, are due to the premature release of gas from the fireplace.

A total of approximately 16,000 gas fireplaces, as well as inserts, manufactured between October 2009 and April 2013, are included in the recall. The 22 defective models were sold not only in the United States, but Canada as well.

Most people assume the products they purchase in stores meet a certain safety standard. When someone is hurt they may not know what to do. Consumers who are injured as the result of defective products may be able to pursue compensation via a product liability lawsuit. 

The basis of a product liability lawsuit will vary depending on the situation. In some cases it will be due to a defective design. Other times it will be because of issues during the manufacturing. Another situation that could lead to a product liability lawsuit is when the consumer is not properly warned about possible problems that could arise while using the product.

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The explosions in this case have resulted in both property damage as well as physical injuries. Two individuals reportedly suffered abrasions. Whether any product liability lawsuits will be filed in relation to these injuries and the recall remains to be seen. In the meantime, those who own the defective gas fireplace are being told to turn off the gas and not use the device. The manufacturer or dealer where the fireplace or insert was purchased will replace the fireplace ignition board free of charge.

Source: NBC News, “Gas Fireplaces Recalled Over Explosion Hazard,” Reuters, April 4, 2014

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