Drivers whose cars break down can make themselves more visible by putting on their hazard lights, but even that may not be enough to protect them from drivers who aren’t paying attention or are impaired in some way. That was the unfortunate case of a man who was hit by a woman in the Pittsburgh area last October. The woman recently appeared in court to face the charges against her for crashing into the man and his car.

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After the man’s car broke down in Greensburg, he put his hazard lights on and stepped outside the car. According to a passenger in the man’s car, shortly thereafter a woman driving down the street hit the disabled car, knocking the man down and causing major injuries. But rather than stop to help, police said, the woman kept driving. Witnesses to the crash described it as similar to an explosion, and a bicyclist said the woman nearly hit him as well.

The man was flown to a Pittsburgh hospital while police tracked down the other driver. She was found a block away, where she’d struck another parked vehicle. Fortunately, that car was unoccupied. But several empty beer cans didn’t help the woman’s case. Police said her blood-alcohol level registered at .335 percent.

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As the woman faces charges of aggravated assault by vehicle, accident involving serious bodily injury and several offenses related to driving under the influence, she should also be aware that she risks facing a civil personal injury lawsuit, if the injured man chooses to file one. He may have extensive medical bills resulting from the accident and would be well within his rights to seek compensation from the driver who so carelessly injured him.

Source: TribLive, “Greensburg woman set to be arraigned in DUI case,” Bob Stiles, Jan. 16, 2013

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