You can go through all levels of the disability process on your own. You can file the application for benefits yourself, appeal your denial, and represent yourself, if needed, at you hearing in front of an Administrative Law Jude.

This is not the best approach. Statistics show that claimants who are represented by a disability lawyer win their benefits far more often than those who try to handle matters on their own. This is true at every stage; the initial claim, the reconsideration and appeal stages, as well as the hearing before the Administrative Law Judge.

So why does representation help?

Having representation helps win SSD (SSDI) and SSI claims because the regulations that govern the Social Security Administration’s disability programs are so complex. Even many experienced lawyers are unaware of certain regulations if they do not focus on this area of law.

There are also extensive medical records to be collected, questions to answer and deadlines to meet. People often find it overwhelming to handle the process alone, especially while caring for their health needs.

It is easy to make mistakes if you have never handled a claim before. You may accidentally answer a question incorrectly. You could miss a deadline or forget a medical record. All of these things can have a negative impact on your disability benefit claim – and they may even stop you from receiving benefits at all.

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While you can certainly apply for disability benefits on your own, it is better if you have help. Hiring someone who knows the law and the process of filing a Social Security Disability claim is the best way to get favorable results. Contact the experienced Social Security Disability attorney at Berger and Green for a free no obligation consultation. We can help get you the benefits you deserve.

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