The first is that fewer people are drinking and driving. A spokesperson for Mothers Against Drunk Driving indicated that the actions of law enforcement could be the reason for this. The organization would like for things to be taken a step further by making ignition interlocks required for everyone caught driving drunk.

Another reason that the number of fatal motor vehicle accidents has dropped is because vehicles are safer than they once were. For example, side airbags and electronic stability control are now standard in virtually all cars.

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Specifically in the state of Pennsylvania, road safety improvements may have played a role in the reduction of fatal motor vehicle accidents. According to PennDOT officials, over the course of the last five years the state has invested $50 million on this. It also spends $20 million each year on enforcement and safety education.

These initiatives are paying off in Pennsylvania. In 2013 the number of individuals who died in traffic accidents is the lowest it has been since records began to be kept. It dropped by more than 100, to 1,208.

While the reduction of traffic fatalities is certainly a good thing, there are certain types of fatal accidents that are actually on the rise in the state of Pennsylvania. These are deaths due to distracted driving. When a family loses a loved in a traffic accident due to distracted driving or any other negligent behavior on the part of another driver, it is possible that a wrongful death lawsuit could be filed.

Source: TRIB LIVE, “Traffic fatalities hit 85-year low in Pennsylvania,” Bobby Kerlik, April 8, 2014

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