Officials say that a dozen children, some as young as 3 years old and others as old as 9 years old, were being cared for at the day care center in Hamlin, Pennsylvania. According to the investigation, staff members at the day care were unnecessarily rough with some of the kids, including holding one by his ankles upside down so he would not bite the people working there.

Among other allegations, the report says that the same boy was bound by his hands and feet with duct tape in order to get him to stay still in a chair. Neighbors of the facility said they thought something was amiss but outward appearances by staff members and the owner presented a sunny picture.

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It is not yet clear if the parents of the child identified in the report will be inclined to sue the employees or owner over the abuse charges; it also remains to be seen if other children who spent time at the day care will come forward with allegations of their own. In any case, no child deserves to face abuse — either emotional or physical — in what is supposed to be a safe and secure environment.

Source: WNEP-TV, “Day Care Shut Down After Alleged Child Abuse,” Raegan Medgie, April 2, 2013

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