Recently a 67-year-old woman was killed while waiting to get her hair done. A car struck the building that housed the salon and she was pinned by the vehicle. The incident occurred in the late morning in Butler County. The woman behind the wheel of the car that struck the building was actually on her way to her own hair appointment at the salon. She survived the collision. Both women involved attended the same church.

A man who was at the salon was also hurt in the accident. Though his injuries are not known he was taken to an area hospital.

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It is unclear what caused the crash to occur. As is the case anytime the driver of a car loses control it is possible that the car may have malfunctioned. It is also possible that the 74-year-old had a medical emergency of some sort. The investigation currently underway into the event will likely provide some answers.

Motor vehicle accidents like this one often lead to civil lawsuits. Whether the family of the woman who died will pursue a wrongful death lawsuit is unclear. It is also unknown whether the man who was injured in the crash will file a personal injury claim. In either situation an attorney would be of assistance.

Source: KDKA, “1 Dead After Car Crashes Into Butler Co. Hair Salon,” May 30, 2014

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