The Westmoreland County truck accident began when a garbage-hauling 18-wheeler crashed into the pick-up. The pick-up truck driver had to be flown to a Pittsburgh hospital where he was listed in critical condition. Officials say firefighters had to extricate him from the crushed vehicle.

A woman in the car was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital with unspecified injuries, according to a TV news report.

The station aired video of the aftermath of the crashes, showing the big truck’s trailer on its side, with a reporter saying that the pick-up was “wedged beneath” it. Looking at photos, it is virtually impossible to detect any visual evidence of the pick-up, however.

Pennsylvania State Police are leading the investigation of the crash. They have yet to say what caused the collisions.

In similar wrecks, the trucker has been distracted by electronics inside his cab, either a cellphone, GPS or other device. Looking away from the road and upcoming traffic for even a few seconds can result in horrific crashes leaving motorists with extensive injuries.

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