A recent wreck further east in Pennsylvania appears to demonstrate the consequences of a motorist who disrespects a motorcycle’s right of way, or fails to see the bike entirely. However, details are not clear, and police are looking for witnesses to help their investigation, according to Penn Live.

The victim was riding west, toward a car going the opposite direction. Authorities believe the car’s driver attempted a left turn, but failed to yield.

The motorcycle crashed into the side of the car, throwing the rider to the ground and suffering life-threatening injuries. He was airlifted to the hospital, and was still alive as of Nov. 6.

Police are investigating, but they apparently had little to go on in the hours following the crash. Thus, the call for witnesses as we mentioned above.

Hopefully, as the investigation continues the cause of this terrible incident will become more clear — especially if negligence was a factor. This would suggest that the crash could have been avoided.

If the driver negligently failed to see the motorcyclist, or tried to turn too close, he should be held responsible for the motorcyclist’s damages. This will probably include extensive medical bills and lost wages; if the rider dies, the damages would likely be much higher.

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