The one man who died was a tractor-trailer driver who left his truck to try and help others who were involved in the accident. The other man left his vehicle to look for his children who had been ejected from the car. He was thrown into the steering wheel during the accident and later died due to these major injuries. Troopers said the man’s wife and two children who were in the vehicle are doing fine.

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Troopers on site could not say how many people were injured at this time. Emergency responders said they believe about 30 people were taken to nearby hospitals including Clarion Hospital. A spokesperson for the hospital said the individuals taken there were treated for fractures, head and neck injuries. Some with more severe injuries were transferred to other facilities.

An investigation is ongoing to determine what caused the pileup and if anyone is to be charged. The snowstorm played a significant role in the massive pileup. Eighteen vehicles were involved in the wreck, half of them being tractor-trailers. The accident occurred in the westbound lanes on I-80, which were then closed until Wednesday night.

A winter weather advisory was put into effect for Clarion County around 7 a.m. Drivers on I-80 were told to expect white-out conditions and the speed limit was reduced to 45 mph.

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Sadly, these types of conditions can happen unexpectedly. Wind can cause white-out conditions even when roads are clear. If you are involved in these type of conditions, make sure you slow down and put your flashers on for others to see you. Abrupt stopping is dangerous as other vehicles can crash into you from behind.

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