Elder abuse is abuse that causes physical, emotional, or financial damages to a senior. Often, these seniors rely on the help of others — family members, paid caregivers, or staff in a long-term care facility — to ensure they receive the care they need. Elder abuse can range from intentional hitting to stealing valuables to failing to give a senior much-needed medication.

Types of Elder Abuse in Pittsburgh, PA

Unfortunately, elder abuse occurs in nursing homes, other care facilities, and private homes in Pittsburgh, PA more than anyone would like to believe. It occurs in many different ways, but generally falls into one of these categories:

  • Neglect
  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Financial abuse

While some types of elder abuse are more physically harmful than others, all types can cause serious emotional damages as well as cost thousands of dollars. If you suspect abuse, it is imperative to get the senior help as soon as possible.

Neglect Is the Most Common Type of Elder Abuse

Neglect occurs when the person or people charged with caring for a senior fails to provide the necessary level of care. Legally, a caregiver must provide at least the level of care a reasonable person would in the same situation.

Neglect may or may not be intentional. In many nursing homes, neglect occurs because there are not enough nurses or other trained staff to care for every resident. Seniors do not get many needs met because of this, including:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Regular meals with adequate nutrition
  • Clean clothing
  • Proper medical care
  • Protection from health and safety hazards
  • Prescribed medication

Even when neglect is unintentional, it is still elder abuse, and you can take action to protect your aging loved one.

Take Action If You Suspect Elder Abuse

If you suspect a member of your family or another aging senior is the victim of elder abuse, you should take action immediately. If you believe the situation is life-threatening, do not hesitate to call 911 even in a long-term care facility. Paramedics will transfer your loved one to a hospital, and police will report the incident.

Even if there is not an emergency, we recommend having your loved one see their private doctor as soon as possible. You will also need to report the abuse to the proper agencies to ensure there is an investigation. If possible, take pictures of any injuries or collect other evidence of the abuse, and then give us a call. We can help you file a complaint and ensure your loved one’s rights remain intact.

Talk to an Elder Abuse Lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA

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