While a trip to a zoo is a fun outing for individuals of all ages it is often one of the top choices for families. Accordingly, it is fair to say that most parents assume that the steps necessary to keep children from being injured are taken. This includes railings and other barriers that would prevent incidents such as this one from happening.

Following the boy’s death his family filed a lawsuit against the zoo. This course of action is not uncommon when negligence on the part of an establishment or another party is to blame for an injury or death.

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A wrongful death lawsuit may have a couple of outcomes. First it could provide monetary compensation to those left behind. This can go a long way toward covering expenses related to an unexpected death. In addition, a wrongful death lawsuit could provide those who file it with a sense of closure as it is a way of holding the party responsible for what happened.

The lawsuit in this case recently settled. Though the specifics surrounding the settlement are unclear it is likely that whatever the family received will be of use to the family of the boy.

Source: CNN, “Family settles lawsuit in mauling death of boy at Pittsburgh Zoo,” Rande Iaboni, June 3, 2014

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