Apple’s “Lock Out” technology could turn off an iPhone’s ability to text by detecting when a person is driving. They would do this via on-board sensors or by collecting data from the vehicle and phone when it is connected to Bluetooth.

Although new cars are becoming equipped with hands-free phone systems such as Bluetooth, that doesn’t seem to be stopping many from still texting while driving. Other phones have apps and other options to try and prevent texting while driving; however, those don’t eliminate the option to text all together. The patented technology Apple is proposing would eliminate any type of texting capabilities while driving completely.

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According to the U. S Government’s Official Website for Distracted Driving, 16% of all distracted driving crashes involve drivers under the age of 20, but they are not the only offenders. During the day, there are on average 660,000 drivers using a hand-held cell phone. The reasons as to why drivers still offend this law goes unknown. With compelling texting while driving campaigns and alarming statistics, people are still avoiding the facts, putting themselves and others at risk.

Distracted driving includes far more than just texting. It includes talking on your cell phone, using your GPS and also adjusting the radio. Texting, however, is the worst offence since it requires, visual, manual and cognitive attention. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident due to someone’s distracted driving, contact a personal injury attorney.

Source: Fox Business, “Will Apple’s ‘Lock Out’ Patent End Texting While Driving?”

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