The UPS truck drifted into the path of the horse and buggy and struck a rail that runs alongside the horse. The rail impaled the truck causing it to overturn. The truck traveled about 100 feet after the collision. It finally came to a stop after it crashed into a tree. The driver of the truck was reported to have minor injuries.

The woman and young boy who were traveling in the horse and buggy were pronounced dead at the scene. A man and three other children, who were also in the buggy at the time of the accident, suffered serious injuries and were taken to nearby hospitals.

The horse was also killed in the crash. Both the horse and buggy were removed from the scene by the Amish community.

It is not certain why the UPS truck veered into the path of the horse and buggy. An investigation is ongoing to determine the cause.

Accidents such as these are tragic. Sadly, two lives were lost and others suffered serious injuries due to the carelessness of another driver.

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Source:, “2 killed in Amish buggy hit by UPS truck that drifted into its path in PA., police say”

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