Two Years to Determine Cause of Fatal Turnpike Accident.

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Could Take Two Years to Determine Cause of Fatal Turnpike Crash.

Investigators believe it could take up to two years to determine the cause of the fatal turnpike accident that killed five and injured 55.

The crash occurred on January 5th, in Westmoreland County on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The accident started when a tour bus struck a concrete barrier, eventually flipping onto its side. It then created a chain-reaction crash that involved three tractor-trailers and a car.

Victims and their families may have to wait up to two years before knowing what caused the tour bus to crash. This is due to the amount of other crashes that are currently under investigation with the National Transportation Safety Board. There is only a single laboratory that processes evidence for incidents across the country.

A preliminary report with some facts that were discovered after the accident will be released about 10 days after the incident. A final determination on what exactly occurred will not be issued until further testing and a public hearing has occurred. Officials will then use this information to recommend/improve national road safety.

Recovering compensation after an accident.

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