The Social Security Disability Hearings Offices will remain open. Administrative Law Judges will continue to conduct hearings. If you have a hearing scheduled and are concerned about the Federal Government Shutdown, please call your attorney.

The Social Security Administration has provided a list of services they will continue to provide at Social Security Field Offices:

Help you to apply for benefits

Assist you in filing your appeal

Change your address

Change your direct deposit information

Change a representative payee

For SSI recipients, process any change in your living arrangement or income

The Social Security Field Office will not provide the following services:

Issue new or replacement Social Security cards

Replace your Medicare card

Issue a proof of income letter

The online services of the Social Security Administration will remain open. Online you can apply for benefits, get your Social Security statement, appeal a decision, estimate your future benefits, and access your personal benefits information.

If you are concerned about how the Federal Government Shutdown will affect your Social Security disability case, please call our Social Security disability attorneys.

Source: “Important Information about the Federal Government Shutdown”

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