Over the next three days, Pennsylvania will experience a dramatic rise in car accidents. In 2013, Pre-Thanksgiving (the day before the holiday), Thanksgiving and Post-Thanksgiving (the day after) had 5,413 crashes and 52 deaths. Crashes increase during the holidays because of the number of vehicles on the road and also an increase in alcohol consumption.

In 2013, alcohol was to blame for 546 accidents and 12 deaths during the pre to post Thanksgiving stretch. Thanksgiving is considered to be the deadliest holiday in recent years. Drinking violations increase an average of 54% on Thanksgiving Day alone.

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The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimate that two to three times more people die as a result of an alcohol related accident during the holiday than any other time during the year. The 2013 Pennsylvania Crash Facts and Statistic book says that 12% of all holiday crashes included alcohol use; however, 32% of deaths that occurred during the holidays were caused by an alcohol related accident.

If you plan on going out this holiday season, first and foremost, plan ahead. Make sure you have a designated driver, a cab or a bus service lined up if you plan on consuming alcohol. If you see that someone has been drinking do not let them drive. Contact local authorities if you see an impaired driver on the road and remember even one drink can increase the risk of an accident and a DUI.

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Don’t let this holiday season turn tragic. Take extra time when on the roadways this season and never drink and drive. If you have been involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver, contact the experienced attorneys at Berger and Green. We hope you have a safe and happy beginning to the holiday season.


2013 Pennsylvania Crash Facts and Statistic Book

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