The man was hit by a car in the Oakland neighborhood. The driver of a vehicle hit the student and then drove off. But the circumstances that led to the incident are muddled at best.

The driver was questioned extensively by police. He said that he was inside his vehicle when he was approached by a group of three men; one of the men opened one of his car’s doors, he said. At that point he panicked and drove off.

Friends of the man who died, however, say that the accident didn’t happen like that. They told authorities that the driver hit the student first, and then drove off in an attempt to escape.

Ultimately, the district attorney in Allegheny County elected not to charge anyone in the incident — either the driver of the vehicle or the deceased man’s friends. That does not, however, prevent the family of the deceased man  from suing in order to seek compensation from the driver.

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According to investigators, surveillance video of the scene was reviewed. This footage could be essential to having any chance of success at a claim for damages. While the prosecutor decided that the evidence was not strong enough to file charges, a jury in a potential civil action is not bound by that.

Source: WNEP-TV, “No Charges In Deadly Pittsburgh Crash,” Stacy Lange, June 12, 2013

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