One way bad drivers cause terrible disabilities to the public is by driving while distracted and crashing into innocent people. Not every distracted driving wreck is serious, but using your phone while driving is comparable to drunk driving in the way it reduces your ability to notice and react to changing traffic conditions.

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The driver who cost Pittsburgh-area Paralympian Stephani Victor her legs 20 years ago was distracted behind the wheel. He was 17 and had had his driver’s license for less than two weeks. As she told KDKA-TV, Victor was putting something in the trunk of a car that was parked in a driveway when the out-of-control teenager hit her from behind, pinning her to the second car.

Victor went on to win five medals as a Paralympic skier, including two golds. As a spokeswoman for an anti-distracted driving organization, she speaks to high school students about putting their cellphones down when behind the wheel.

Hopefully, seeing the effects of distracted driving up close will convince some teens how real the danger is. Far too many people in Western Pennsylvania are living with the effects of distracted driving. And, of course, not every victim of a distracted driver survives.

Victims and their families cannot change what happened, but they can hold the distracted driver financially responsible. Please speak to a personal injury attorney for more information.

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