In an effort to keep these workers as safe as possible, with cooperation from the Pennsylvania State Police, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission recently announced a major safety initiative.

Called Operation Orange Squeeze, drivers throughout the state can expect that troopers will position themselves inside of construction vehicles in work zones. From those locations they will use radar guns to enforce the lower speed limits found within these areas. Besides checking for speed, the troopers will also be watching to make sure that drivers have their headlights on in the work zone.

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The penalties for failing to follow the rules in place for work zones include a 15-day driver’s license suspension and approximately $200 in fines for travelling more than 10 mph over the speed limit. Residents of Pennsylvania can expect the safety initiative to spread throughout the state over the course of the next few months.

These penalties are not the only ramifications that someone who speeds through a work zone might face. If they seriously injure or kill a worker the driver could face a personal injury lawsuit as well. The injured worker or the family of someone who dies could opt to pursue such a claim against a driver if that individual acted negligently in causing the accident.

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