The 29-year-old victim was stopped at a red light. As he waited, a school bus attempted to make a left turn. When it did so, a pickup that was travelling in the opposite direction, hit the bus. The force of that impact actually lifted the wheels of the bus up, causing it to land on the man’s car. Though the man survived the initial incident he died after being taken to the hospital. The driver of the pickup was also hurt in the crash.

Fortunately the bus was not transporting any children at the time of the fatal motor vehicle accident.

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The man who died had been married for just four years. The couple probably assumed that they would have many years together and were most likely concentrating on planning for the future. Though hard to imagine, in all likelihood she is reeling from this turn of events and unsure of what steps to take. She may decide that a wrongful death lawsuit against those responsible for her husband’s death is the best way to proceed. If successful, the compensation she would receive would probably make it a bit easier for her to start the next chapter of her life.

Source: KDKA, “1 Killed After Car Pinned Under School Bus In Gibsonia,” Heather Abraham, March 14, 2014

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