Now legislators who have paid attention are taking action, proposing legislation regarding the issue.

The proposed legislation would focus on keeping kids safe from the contents of the detergent packets. Specifically one of the sponsors of the legislation indicates that she would like clear warning labels for parents and seek to have the detergent formula changed so that it is less poisonous. In addition she wants the colors used in the pods to be less appealing to kids and the package used to hold the detergent pods to be child proof.

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Up until this point, despite the dissemination of information regarding the issue the problem does not seem to be going away. In one Midwest state, the number of poisoning cases involving the detergent pods has increased by 303 between 2012 and 2014. While this 600 percent increase occurred in another state, the issue is one that people in Pennsylvania face as well.

While the option of filing a products liability lawsuit exists after someone is injured by a product, most would likely agree that it is better to avoid that issue altogether.

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