lacroixA lawsuit has been filed against LaCroix claiming that the water is in fact not all natural; however, the manufacturer stands by their all-natural ingredients.

The claim against LaCroix, states that the “all natural” labeling of the water is misleading. After research, it was found that the water contains several artificial ingredients including linalool, which can be found in insecticide for cockroaches.

National Beverage, the manufacturer of LaCroix water, stands by their all-natural ingredients saying that there is no sugar or artificial ingredients added to the water.  Extracted flavors from natural essential oils and fruits are used in the drinks to give them their flavor.

As for the linalool, researchers say that although that ingredient is found in cockroach insecticide, it is also found in plants, mints and scented herbs.  It is not dangerous for humans.

The lawsuit is still ongoing. 

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Source: CBS News, “LaCroix ingredients: Lawsuit alleges “all natural” claim is false”

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