Keeping Safe at County FairsAfter a fatal ride malfunction in Ohio, many are concerned with just how safe their local fair rides are.  Experts say fair rides have “too few inspectors and not enough safety regulations.” A State Agriculture Director says, “all rides at the fair are checked several times when they are being set up to ensure the work is done the way the manufacturer intended.” Unfortunately, you cannot always foresee an accident or ride malfunction. Aside from rides, there are other dangers county fairs impose. To better ensure your family’s safety at county fairs, here are a few safety tips to follow.

  • Be sure you meet all safety requirements before getting on a ride such as height and weight.
  • If you do not feel comfortable or secure on a ride, let the attendant know.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after vising petting zoos.
  • Dress appropriately: closed toe shoes are always best to avoid a fall.
  • Do your part by notifying officials if you see that a ride may need maintenance, such as a broken seatbelt, or any hazardous condition you may find while at the fair.

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Source: USA Today, We’re heading into peak state fair season. How safe is your ride?”

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