Because there are so many components to a vehicle there are many portions that could have something wrong with them. When there is something wrong with a part of a vehicle, a recall may be issued. Recalls are designed to provide individuals who own defective products information regarding what is wrong with the product. Sometimes a fix to the problem will be offered as well. Though recalls can involve any product purchased by a consumer, those involving cars are common.

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According to a recent investigation, the tire recall system in the United States is broken. Conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board, the investigation found that a big part of the problem is the awareness of consumers. For example, to receive recall notices tires need to be registered with the manufacturer. Many consumers are not aware that they should do this.

The study also found there are things manufacturers can do to make it easier for consumers to determine whether the tires on their vehicles have been recalled. Newer technology makes it possible to embed scan-able codes or chips in tires as they are being made. This technology could make it easier for auto shops to identify the types of tires being used and collect information on customers so that they can be contacted when a recall is in place.

There is an easier approach that could be taken as well. Since tires are already imprinted with Tire Identification Numbers, if manufactures set up an online lookup system, consumers could fairly easily find that information themselves.

According to the NTSB Chairman, each year, defective tires contribute to 33,000 accidents occurring. Last year, the agency estimated there are between 400 and 500 deaths occur annually because of the issue. Most would agree that steps should be taken to reduce the number of such incidents.

When someone is injured as a result of a product that is defective that person may be able to recoup damages for their injuries. Likewise, the family of someone who dies can do the same thing. In either situation speaking with a lawyer who handles personal injury cases is a good place to start.

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