A teenage boy was hurt on a water slide in an indoor park located in another state, several years ago. His family recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against the indoor waterpark. The slide on which he was hurt is 60-feet tall with a trap-door at the top.

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The parts of the body most commonly injured on waterslides are the back, face and head. A rider’s body might smack against the slide. He or she might also suffer body strains. Though his specific injuries are not clear, as a result of the injury he claims to have suffered:

  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Suffering
  • Pain

In addition, as a result of the injury his family incurred medical expenses.

In the lawsuit it is alleged that the resort where the accident occurred failed to take additional safety precautions despite knowing that the ride on which the teen was hurt, posed an unreasonable risk of injury.

Whether the family will recover any thing remains to be seen. It is important for readers to realize that when they are hurt at a waterpark or other type of amusement park, a personal injury lawsuit may make sense.

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