One of those incidents, which occurred in another state, involved a fire in the engine compartment. A second incident which occurred in Pittsburgh caused some cars to detach from their wheels. In both situations train cars derailed. Fortunately, unlike the train crash in Philadelphia, no one was hurt in either of these.

As all of these incidents seem to indicate, there are safety matters involving trains throughout the nation that need to be addressed.

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While crashes involving trains do not always result in injury to those involved, when they do, the results can be devastating. When a derailment or other problem with a train leads to injuries or death legal action could be an option. Those who are hurt in the incident could seek compensation for their injuries that among other things could help to cover the costs associated with the injury. Similarly those who lost a loved one could file a wrongful death lawsuit against the parties whose negligence contributed to the incident occurring in the first place.

Anytime one considers taking legal action a lawyer may be of assistance. Among other things that person can help you to determine whether such a claim is viable.

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