There are certain steps that should be taken by cyclists following such an incident.

The first is to call 9-1-1. Whether you can do it yourself or require the assistance of someone else to do it, getting medical attention as quickly as possible is important. If you are hurt, to avoid further injury, it is a good idea to stay still. When the ambulance arrives, go to the hospital. Medical professionals can determine whether someone who is seemingly not seriously hurt, actually has a more serious injury that is slow to reveal itself. In addition, this action will make it possible to file a police report.

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To get a police report filed law enforcement should be involved. In addition, it is important to get information about the driver such as how to contact that individual, the license plate of the vehicle and insurance information. If witnesses are present and you are able to, get information from the witnesses as well. In case you need to eventually file a lawsuit against the driver of the vehicle, you should document everything.

Those who are considering pursuing a lawsuit should contact a lawyer sooner rather than later. That individual can help to determine the best way to proceed.

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