Understanding that this is an issue on the roads, police departments throughout the state have partnered with PennDOT to try to make Pennsylvania highways safer by deterring aggressive drivers. In addition to additional enforcement on the state’s roads, this takes the form of education as well. Since 2006, this approach has targeted more than 580 roads.

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The term “aggressive driving” is one that is commonly used. Despite that, it is possible that many people may not actually know what behaviors constitute aggressive driving. In addition to excessive speeding, running stop signs and speeding up to beat red lights is considered aggressive driving. So too is failing to yield the right of way, weaving through traffic, tailgating slower vehicles and passing on the right, illegally.

While law enforcement throughout the state is committed to combating aggressive driving, officers cannot be everywhere at once. Accordingly, it is possible that you could encounter this behavior while on the road. To help avoid aggressive driving escalating to road rage or a situation where an accident might occur there are things that you can do.

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The first is to stay out of the passing lane if you are not driving the speed of other traffic in that lane. Next, don’t make eye contact and pay no attention to rude gestures. Perhaps most important of all, relax and don’t challenge an aggressive driver. While you cannot control the behavior of another driver you can refuse to contribute to dangerous behavior. Doing so could prevent a car accident from occurring.

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