Drunk drivers kill more than 10,000 people each year. Roughly 1/3 of all traffic fatalities in the United States involve a driver who is under the influence of alcohol.

Driving under the influence of drugs is becoming a more common occurrence and presents the same risks as driving drunk. This year, an updated National Drug Control Strategy was released. The new strategy encourages states to pass drugged driving laws and improve ways of identifying impaired drivers on the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign will begin its National Crackdown December 18th through January 3rd. The campaign runs all year long, however, during this time it is nationally promoted

During the month of December, everyone can do their part by speaking out and alerting others of the dangers of driving under the influence. Everyone should continue this positive behavior into the new year.

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With an increase in cars on the road and holiday parties, it is important for everyone to practice safe driving. If you see someone who plans to drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs, speak up. Remind them of the dangers associated with driving under the influence. Go as far as taking car keys away from the person if necessary. By promoting safe driving behavior and speaking up, you could be saving a life.

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