Studies have shown that when drivers see police cars, they slow down and obey traffic signals. People are also less likely to drink and drive when they know police officers are going to be out and about.

We urge those readers who will be hanging out where friends and family will be serving alcohol to have designated drivers. When someone takes the pledge to stay sober for the entire evening, it means everyone can relax and have fun, knowing that the odds of a motor vehicle accident have been greatly reduced.

Of course, no matter what steps you take to keep yourself safe, there is nothing you can do to stop a stranger from drunken driving that puts everyone at risk of an accident causing injuries or even fatalities. It’s simply an unavoidable part of driving. There are irresponsible people who engage in reckless behavior.

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When an accident happens, the driver at fault and his or her insurer will often try to evade financial responsibility for the often significant damages. That’s when an experienced Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer makes all the difference. When the insurer tries to get an injured party to quickly agree to what appears at first glance to be a generous settlement, a skilled, seasoned lawyer will analyze the offer and protect the client’s interests.

Insurers often try to lowball an injured party, hoping the person won’t know if the terms of the offer are favorable, reasonable or drastically inadequate. You can speak with a personal injury lawyer experienced in assessing offers and negotiating and litigating favorable agreements.

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